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Emotional Wellness | Mental Health | Happiness

Hi, I'm Simi Hanspal

A Certified Mental Health Counsellor

I counsel people over the age of 16 years facing issues such as anxiety, depression, anger, abuse, trauma, low self-esteem, and grief. My goal is to reach out to all sections of society and spread awareness through counseling.  


I am associated with

  • Zubaani

  • MyndRo


  • Making Motherhood Joyful 


Additionally, I facilitate workshops to raise awareness about mental health with various NGOs and organizations. 

Simi Hanspal - A trained mental health counselor
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How can I help you?

TheMindspace aims to provide a safe, understanding and confidential environment, in which you are able to express your concerns. A place that will help you explore and understand the source of the difficulties you are facing and facilitate to build effective skills for overcoming stressful situations

  • Understand yourself and your problems better 

  • Confidently navigate through difficult times 

  • Deal with feelings of anxiety, depression, or sadness

  • Develop a more positive outlook towards life 

  • Cope with redundancy or work-related stress 

  • Resolve issues related to denial, guilt, and shame

  • Cope with losing a loved one/ a relationship breakdown



One on One Counselling 

One-on-one counseling addresses issues such as anxiety, depression, anger, abuse, trauma, low self-esteem, and grief.

One-on-One Counselling for Individuals
Handeling Conflict in relationship - Group Counseling


Handling conflict

  • Happiness Is A Choice

  • Anger Management

  • Relationships – Building deeper bonds

  • Handling Conflict In Relationships

  • Communication In Relationships

  • Transactional analysis for effective communication.


Wellness workshops 

Comprehensive workplace wellness workshops that create a culture of health & wellness at your organization.

Workplace wellness Workshop - organization Counselling
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  • LinkedIn

" It was like I knew where I wanted to go, I knew my destination but all I couldn’t see was that I had shut some doors that I never knew existed. You helped me see those doors, dust it off, oil the mechanism so that I could come out and see the sky. 


The sessions with Simi have made me deeply recognize the need for mental health awareness and I could not have had a better experience working on my self, all thanks to Simi " 


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